Education is one powerful arm that can be used to change the world.


Education today has become a means of pressure in children brains, I still couldn’t understand why child psychiatrists are required? Why must a child of two years brain be loaded with alphabets, numbers, words and everything the parents want to fit into. Rather than being power to change, education has become a means to destroy themselves and has become major source of depression and suicide…

What can be done?

Vidyarpana – Vidya Arpana is a project planned to mold education to the dreams of the child. Rather than making education important and force a child let’s help child understand in what way education gives them power to chase their dreams…

With educational pressures children emotional health is getting disturbed due to which the power to change is turning into means of self destruction. They are turning like psychos or sadists or ruining themselves in depression or frustration. If a child dies of suicide or is emotionally unhealthy its not just the child but their family, friends and everyone related to the child are effected too.

When we see in the news or hear something like a children suicide or children pressures we discuss and debate for hours but we don’t want to correct the issue at home.

Its the fear or shame for the society that is in us causing all this? Or is it the business deal with the child that I spent some x amount so I need 2x results. Are they your children or your investments?

How it can be done?

Children can share their ideas on how they are using education as power to lay ways for their dreams and share opportunity for the world their ideas, tricks and concepts. Record a small video of your thoughts and share with us via we transfer  with details of your name, point of contact, your dream and how education became your power to drive your dreams… Please ensure that video is not related to any class or standard but its goal specific. Suppose you wanted to become a photographer then how are you molding education to become the best photographer. Any clarification do write to us, we will be happy to assist you.

We respect your privacy, your profile details shared will not be published or shared to any third party or will not be used to send any promotional materials except the updates of Vidyarpana project. Videos shared will be scrutinized and then uploaded to our youtube channel and shared in Vidyarpana.

You can understand Vidyarpana involves lot of work out along with videos we are also looking for people to volunteer for the project, join us and lets together pledge to make education better and work together to see a year free of depression and suicide because of educational pressures.

It is in harmony that we can change the world its our tomorrow and its our responsibility to make it the best for all of us and the generations to come.