School Saath Chale

When I see children walking barefoot on the roads in the hot sun carrying loads of books and no proper uniform or facilities except the determination to get educated truly made me rethink many times. Simple things that we just take a few bucks go to shop and purchase is like amazing things for few children. One may not be able to answer their struggles but few simple things when come together can create miracles. Inspired from that fact our new film is born.
Teamwork is all about balancing each others opportunities and gaps to nurture the seed of Success. Redefining teamwork school saath chale… Please watch and share… Join us in making the life’s of children a little better… Its not charity its teamwork… Seal the SMILE 😊😊😊
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Happy Valentines Day

For everyone of us there will be someone in our life who made us become beyond what we thought we can… They may not say anything… But their presence does make that difference… A day to say thank you even though its too small word for that love… celebrating how truly it made the difference in our life… Happy Valentine’s day… Love yourself… Take care and keep smiling…
Seal the Smile 😊😊😊

Little More of YOU

When no one is watching you… When there is no one to recognize you… When there is no one to praise you… what big thing will you do then? Try a little more of you… Be yourself… Believe yourself… You worth it…

Happiness is within you

Before going to bed ask yourself three questions?.
Did I had a good day or a bad day?
If its good day then why did I had a good day, if not then Why did I had a bad day?
Then one last question, tomorrow will I want it to be a good day or a bad day?
We have a good day when we are happy and all of us want to be happy everyday.
Will it be a good day or a bad day tomorrow truly depends on how you answer your second question.
If the day goes the way you wanted then you are happy otherwise it’s the other way.
Then our happiness is controlled by external factors like circumstances and people and it’s a honest fact its not in our control.
So to be happy we need to do two things first is to stop outsourcing our happiness or unhappiness and second is to stop blaming others for our unhappiness.
What will be will be and how you make it is your choice. To be happy or not to be happy is something that is within you and in your hands.
Happiness is a choice and if you think you are then you will be and will be… Take care and keep smiling…
Seal the Smile 😊😊😊

Life will go on…

Transforming walls into doors… Turning obstacles into opportunities… Laying ways where one can only imagine to reach… Empowering every day… Gifting every smile… Life moves on… Only if we can keep ourselves open to welcome life…