While on my way to office I happen to see a poster with Harsha Bhogle. Being a great fan of his humorous commentary eyes generally got attracted when I first read the word Thalassemia, on the poster. Did some google and found that its a genetic disorder in need for blood transfusion every two to three weeks for the whole lifetime of the effected person. Every two to three weeks running for donors all their life something that i couldn’t take off from my mind. Was just thinking and would have missed my stop if not my conductor friend warned me to get down.

When my mother was battling with cancer we ran for donors for few days it was just few days but that tension a family is taking all their life is something that I couldn’t accept myself easily.

That inspired me for my next film on Thalassemia awareness when a small child of five came forward and spoke to a doctor that she will donate blood. Her words questioned many things and may be made to rethink many things.

Health is a gift… Saving life is a choice…

Born to be Wind

Part 2 of our inspirational journey with Anji. We sincerely thank  Kushbu the female lead in the film for supporting us. Your eyes actually spoke much without words dear. In the end when Anji spoke we could actually feel his emotion live and had no words to describe then and even now and I could still feel it fresh after so many years. Very light hearted and sportive in real life its great to have you as our friend.

Born to be Wind

An attempt that inspired us into short film making. One of our friends who is visually challenged suffered failure in his graduation final year exam when the scribe reported half an hour late to the examination center that eventually made him fail in the exam and unable to complete graduation on time. Technology had grown leaps and bounds but still a visually challenged is dependent on a scribe to write exam. Why technology isn’t used to make challenged more independent and comfortable. Politicians think over even they have the right to vote. 🙂

When I mentioned visually challenged is our hero then our camera person was initially doubtful how will it work out but after first shot never was again. He was surprised as Anji was always a first take hero not just in action but in dubbing too. Thanks Anji for inspiring us.

Special thanks to Jyothsna Phanija who shared a beautiful poem for our story without you the flavors aren’t complete in the story.

This film showed a new direction to understanding visually challenged person. Our achievement during this film is people who were anxiously watching the shoot were thinking that the actually visually challenged who was our short film hero is acting and he is actually not visually challenged. Yes, they are normal its only our thinking that makes them abnormal. Think right… Think positive…

To make it little shorter we made it into two parts and here is part one.